Old Republic Trooper kit (1/6th scale)

Old Republic Trooper kit (1/6th scale)

Republic trooper armor kit, as seen in the old republic game and cinematics. Includes all accessories such as knife, blaster, grenade launcher and ammo packs.


Preorder: 40 USD

Final price Armor only (grey): 150 USD

Final price Armor (grey), Grenade launcher and Suit: 200 USD

Full assembled figure, painted with accessories: 300 USD


Estimated shipping date: APRIL 2021

  • Product Details

    3D printed, ABS plastic and UV cured resin

    In the box:

    1x Helmet

    1x Chest/back armor

    2x Bicep armor

    2x Elbow armor

    2x Belt pouches

    1x Crotch/butt armor

    2x Thigh armor

    2x Knee armor

    2x Shin armor

    2x Instep armor

    2x Hips covers

    1x Knife

    1x Blaster pistol

    OPTIONAL: 1x Bodysuit

    OPTIONAL: 1x Grenade launcher

    OPTIONAL: 1x Base body

    OPTIONAL: 2x Boots

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    Cancellation only available before the package leaves our warehouse. Returns only within the first 3 days after delivery, penalty of 25% of the total cost, shipping not refundable. Return shipping costs are on the customer. Once received in our warehouse, refund will be made via paypal in no more than 24 hours